Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Preliminary results are in!

The voting has primarily taken place over at Facebook, where I originally posted the link, and here are the preliminary results:

Red Coat Girl: 14
Blue Butterfly: 2 ties (from people who liked both)

The Girls' Guide to Hunting and FishingI heard from many people who thought that the Red Coat pic is reminiscent of the Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing. I definitely see the similarities. I'm a fan of those stories and of Melissa Bank, and Whitney makes an excellent point in the comments about the popularity of that book.  But the most, most important factor in my decision to keep this photo is that I pored over stock photo sites for -- no joke -- at least 8 hours and this was the ONLY photo I liked! (What am I going to do for Book 2?!) So Red Coat Girl it is...I will be making a few changes, however, so the final will look slightly different (my name will be smaller, for one thing!). Now, I'll be moving right along to finalizing back cover copy and eliciting fabulous blurbs from wonderful writer friends. Thanks everyone! Michelle

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  1. I like the clean look of the red coat cover, and am happy to have you and "Annie" participating in my MaNiC MoMMy book-a-day giveaway in March! : )